wine serving rules

4 Important Wine Serving Rules

A wide range of alcoholic beverages is served in the licensed area of food and beverage operations.

Guests consume the drinks either before the meal as an aperitif during the meal to accompany the food or at the end of the meal as digestives. The use of the right glasses for the drink enhances the drink’s appreciation.

What are the Wine Serving Rules

A sommelier is responsible for the wine serving. He or she has extensive knowledge and skills in this area.

Wines are mostly enjoyed with food, different kinds of wines are suggested with different types of food. Here is some suggestion of pairing wine and food.

While serving wine, attention must be given to these 4 important rules of wine serving,

1. Right Glassware

The ideal glass for the service of wine is plain and thin. Wine glasses are stemware, having stem and bowl. The bowl tapers in at the rim, giving the wine adequate room to breathe and concentrating the aroma toward the nose when the wine is sipped.

Wine glasses come in many shapes and capacities. The minimum capacity of a wine glass is 7 oz.

2. Right Temperature

Wine is best enjoyed when served at the appropriate temperature.

3. Proper Handling of the Bottle

Wine bottles should be handled carefully while transporting to the table and during the service.

4. Right Quantity

Wine should be poured in the right quantity in the appropriate glass. The quantity of wine served varies according to the policy of the establishment and the wine glasses are selected according to the quantity.

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