6 Different Types of Bar in Hotel

What is Bar in Hotel?

A bar is a licensed place for selling all kinds of alcoholic beverages to customers. There are various types of bars are found in hotels, resorts, clubs, casinos, and many such establishments and they can also be operated as independent units.

So, the following are some of the different bars, categorized either according to the kind of alcoholic drinks served or the place where it is served.

Different Types of Bars in Hotel Industry

These are the different bar types in a hotel:

1. Pubs

The pub is a word derived from a public house that is licensed to sell alcoholic beverages. Pubs mainly serve all kinds of beers along with other alcoholic drinks.

2. Lounge Bar

The lounge is an area meant for relaxing which is normally located near the reception area. The drinks may be collected from the main bar and carried on a tray to the lounge and served. The lounge bar is often seen in Airports, Clubs, Casinos, Luxury hotels, Ships, etc.

3. Wine Bar

This bar sells only wines of all kinds, mainly the most expensive wines. It has a good collection of a wide range of wines. The guests may buy bottles of wine for consumption later or drink in the wine bar itself.

4. Cocktail Bar

This cocktail bar serves all kinds of cocktails along with other alcoholic drinks. It may be found in Airports, Casinos, Hotels, Ships, etc.

5. Banquet Bar

A banquet bar is a temporary bar set up in banquet suits to serve alcoholic drinks during a specific function. The banquet bar collects the required stock either from the main bar or from the cellar.

6. Dispense Bar

A dispensing bar is a kind of bar attached to a restaurant, serving alcoholic drinks to the guests in the restaurant during their mealtime. Here the stock may be either collected from the main bar or from the cellar.

The dispense bar has a minimum stock of drinks that may be suitable for an aperitif, to accompany the dishes offered, and as digestives.

The Function of Bars in Hotel Industry

A bar is one of the key revenue-generating areas of the food and beverage service department in the hotel industry. The main function of the bar is to serve alcoholic drinks in the appropriate glassware according to the customer’s preferences.

The other important requirements for bar operations are water supply, electric supply, lighting, and drainage. A bar needs a continuous hot and cold water supply for many applications.

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