Gueridon service

Gueridon Service: Selecting and Handling Food for Gueridon Service

What is Gueridon Service

Food and Beverages are served to guests in many ways in food service areas. Gueridon service is one of the methods of serving food. It refers to a mobile service table or trolley, from which a dish may be dressed, prepared, carved, and flamed in the presence of guests near their table.

This type of service is implemented in fine dining restaurants where the “à la cartmenu is offered and the average spending power (ASAP) is higher.

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Gueridon service can be understood better by recalling the spot cooking which is arranged during buffet service.

Selecting and Handling Food for Gueridon Service

Points should be remembered while preparing different categories of dishes or selecting and handling the food for gueridon service:

1. Prepare food hygienically according to the food hygiene regulations of the establishment.

2. Ensure that food is fresh and visually attractive.

3. Check that the ingredients do not discolor or break down easily during the preparation.

4. See to it that the preparation of the dish is simple and requires a minimum of handling and cooking time.

5. Ensure that the dish does not produce any unpleasant smell when it is being cooked.

6. Clean the ingredients thoroughly, check if they are fresh, and then make them bite-sized.

7. Display the ingredients in appropriate glass containers.

8. Handle all the ingredients with spoons and forks.

9. Keep the items chilled until they are required.

10. Prepare the salad dressing either in the kitchen or on the trolley. In most cases, it is done in the kitchen.

11. Dress the salad at the gueridon at the time of service.

12. Arrange and garnish the dressed salad on a bed of lettuce leaves.

13. Select good quality meat.

14. Remove all fat and sinews in the kitchen.

15. Trim and shape the meat appropriately for faster cooking.

16. Prepare the marinade and soak the meat in the marinade for a few minutes in the presence of the guest.

17. Cook the meat on a high flame quickly to seal the surface of the meat to retain the juices.

18. Use fresh and ripe fruits without any damages or bruises on the skin.

19. Keep the prepared fruits chilled and covered.

20. Do not cook fruit beyond the point at which it breaks down.

Here I also want to share with you that using gueridon service to so good but there have also some disadvantages to using gueridon service in the hotel, to know these disadvantages check this post.

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