Hotel Interview Questions & Answers for F&B Service

50+ Important Hotel Interview Questions & Answers for F&B Service

Here I discuss more than 50 hotel interview questions with answers for food and beverage service.

Hotel Interview Questions with Answers for Food and Beverage Service

  • American service:- Method of serving a meal in a hotel or restaurant in which portions of food are placed on plates in the kitchen by the establishment’s employees and served to each guest by a waiter or waitress. To know more about it click here
  • Basting:- Moistening the food during cooking by adding marinades or oil.
  • Bombe:- A type of ice cream which takes its name from the shape of the mold in which it is frozen.
  • Cover:- It is a place set at a table, in a Restaurant.
  • Oyster:- It is a type of Shel-fish.
  • Silver Service:- It is a method of serving food. Food always served with a service spoon and fork from the left-hand side of the guest. To know more about it click here
  • Bin Card:- A Stock status recording documents for a particular material held in a Stock room for the recording of Stock receipt sand issues.
  • BOT:- Bar Order Ticket.
  • Cellar:- Underground room for storing Alcoholic drinks, especially wines. Know more about it check here
  • Chinese cruets:- These consist of chili vinegar, soya sauce, and chili sauce.
  • Mousseline :- Hollandaise sauce with cream.
  • Partie:- It is a section in the main kitchen.
  • Recipe:- List of ingredients with quantity and method of making a dish.
  • Wholesome food:- Healthy and safe food.
  • Caviar:- The eggs of various large fish, especially sturgeon.
  • Champagne:- Sparkling wine. Click for more examples.
  • Consomme:- Thin, clarified soup.
  • Cover:- A place setting for one guest.
  • Cruet:- Salt and Pepper Set.
  • Lobster:- It is a large sell fish with big claws.
  • Main course:- A main dish on the menu.
  • Serviette:- French term to denote napkin.
  • Tureen:- Deep-covered dish from which soup is served at the table using a ladle.
  • Par Stock:- Stock level for each alcoholic drink item that should be maintained at the bar.
  • Waffle:- Thick light crisp pancake, cooked in waffle iron to get a pattern of indentations on both sides.
  • Combo meal:- It is a combination of snacks, and sweets, mainly to promote sales.
  • Blinis:- It is a small thick savory pancake made from buckwheat flour.
  • Flute:- A long thin French roll.
  • Sherry:- It is a fortified wine. To know more about it click here
  • Madeira:- It is a fortified wine. To know more about it click here
  • Service gear:- These are service implements used for food service. Example:- Service spoon and fork. To know more about it click here
  • Cognac:- Brandy from the Cognac region of France. Know more about it here
  • Kahlúa:- Coffee flavor liqueur.
  • Liqueurs:- Flavored and Sweetened spirits. To know more about it click here
  • Rum:- Distilled from fermented molasses or other sugar cane products. To know more about Rum click here
  • Scotch whiskey:- Distilled drink from Scotland. To know more about it click here
  • Skimmed Milk:- Type of milk with no fat.
  • Spirit:- Distilled alcoholic beverage. Click here
  • Vodka:- Highly rectified Russian spirit distilled from potatoes or cereals. To know more about Vodka click here.
  • Tequila:- Mexican spirit distilled from Agave tequilana weber plant. To know more about Tequila click here
  • Tia Maria:- Coffee flavor liqueur.
  • Alcoholic wash:- It is a fermented used in distillation.
  • Distillation:- It is the process of separating elements in a liquid by vaporization and condensation.
  • Malt:- It is a germinated cereal.
  • Yeast:- It is a living single-celled organism.
  • Crémant:- It is the champagne with two atmospheres behind the cork.
  • Mousse:- It refers to froth, bubbles, or foam.
  • Still wine:- It is a wine obtained by natural fermentation without any effervescence or higher alcoholic content. To know more about it click here
  • Automatized wine:- It is flavored wine. To know more about it click here
  • Bitters:- These are spirits flavored with flavoring agents. To know more about it click here

50+ Important Hotel Interview Questions & Answers for F&B Service

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