Hotel Interview Questions & Answers for Freshers 2023

Here I will share some Hotel Interview basic questions. Every interviewer always asks these types of questions. If you practice all these questions in front of the mirror, so you crack 50% of the interview.

(In these answers I will use one common name, for example, you can use your name instead of this name and make it properly.)

Hotel Interview Questions & Answers for Freshers

1. Introduce Yourself or Self Introduction

Ans: My name is Ajay Singh (as an example). I am from Mumbai. My father’s name is Amit Kumar Singh. After passing my Secondary and Higher Secondary education I decided to join the Hotel Industry, so I started a Hotel Management course and complete my Hotel Management Bachelor’s degree course from IIHM Mumbai.

I complete my industrial training at Grand Hyatt Mumbai. During my training periods, I work in all four major operational departments. But when I work in all departments so that time I feel very flexible in the housekeeping department.

So I decided to specialize in the housekeeping department. And I choose this department for my career. Now I join at a middle management level in a reputed 5-star Hotel like yours and I proved to myself I am a good Hotelier.

And my grip is that after 10 to 12 years of time, I want to see myself as a successful Executive Housekeeper in a reputed 5-star hotel that may be in India or abroad. Thank you very much.

Hotel Interview Questions & Answers for Freshers 2023

2. What is Your Expectation from us?

Ans: Thank you, sir, or mam. It is a very exciting question for me. Being a fresher my main target is at first I want to prove myself. So I want a good environment, because if I get a good environment so I build my technical skills and quality knowledge.

And if I successfully gain good Technical skills and quality knowledge so I am sure that esteemed management like yours will reward me and give me a scope for my career growth with the development of the organization. Thank you very much.

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Dipayan Mondal
Dipayan Mondal

Dipayan is the author of this blog. He completed his hotel management degree from GNIHM, Kolkata. And he is very passionate about the hospitality industry. And right now, he is working as a successful hotelier in India.